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Partnership Tax





- Nov. 18th


The Course

Unlock the intricacies of partnership tax returns in this focused one-day workshop, priced at $1,500. Aimed at professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone invested in partnership ventures, this course offers comprehensive insights into the multi-faceted realm of partnership tax regulations.



Form 1065

Deep dive into the U.S. Return of Partnership Income and its relevance.

Schedule K-1

nterpret partnership earnings and expenses from Schedule K-1 for personal tax filing.

Employment Taxes

Navigate the world of taxes related to the employment within partnerships.

Form 965-A, Individual Report of Net 965 Tax Liability

Understand reporting specifics for deferred foreign income.

Form 8990, Limitation on Business Interest Expense

Grasp the limitations and treatment of business interest expenses under tax law.

Married Couples in Business

Unravel the tax implications and opportunities for spouse-run businesses.

Qualified Joint Venture Election

Decode the benefits and requirements of this unique tax status for married entrepreneurs.

Conversion of Partnership into LLC

Navigate the tax considerations and procedures for converting a partnership structure.

Credits and Deductions

Maximize partnership tax-saving opportunities through available credits and deductions.

Electronic Filing

 Streamline your tax filing process with the know-how of e-filing for partnerships.

Partnership Distributions

Understand the flow of assets and capital among partners.

Partner's Basis for Distributed Property

Master the calculations and implications of a partner's basis when receiving distributed property.

Transactions Between Partnership and Partners

Dive into the specific tax considerations of financial interactions within the partnership framework.




November 18th


9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Wadelene Charles

Your Instructor

Wadelene Charles, a Senior Tax Accountant at Strategic Tax Accountants and an IRS Enrolled Agent, holds multiple roles: Wealth Coach, Educator, CFO of JWI Developments, and a 215 Health and Life Insurance license holder.


With over 13 years in finance and a deep passion for financial well-being, she founded Sipping Wealth, a platform promoting financial empowerment. Wadelene's innovative approach has guided many to redefine wealth and master their financial destiny.

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