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1040 Individual

Tax Package




- Nov.7- 10th

- Jan 3-5th & 8th


The Course

Enhance your knowledge of the individual tax landscape with our thorough 1040 Individual Tax Package workshop, priced at $799. Designed for individuals, tax professionals, and financial advisors, this course offers an expansive look into the complexities and opportunities within Form 1040 and related topics.



Form Types

Differentiate between the various 1040 forms and their specific purposes.

Filing Information, Requirements & Restrictions

Understand essential filing protocols, limitations, and obligatory details.

Dependents & Filing Basics

Master the essentials of tax-filing, including the inclusion of dependents.

Employee Compensation & Individual Tax Credits

Explore income from employment and available tax credits for individuals.

Interest, Dividends & Retirement

Grasp the tax implications of interest earnings, dividends, and retirement distributions/contributions.

Deduction Basics

Compare the pros and cons of standard versus itemized deductions.

Self-Employment & Payroll Taxes (FICA, FUTA)

 Navigate the tax burdens unique to the self-employed.

Income Variations

Delve into passive income, gross income exclusions/inclusions, and related tax factors.

Property & Capital Transactions

Understand tax considerations for property exchanges, capital gains/losses, and depreciation.

Special Provisions & Other Deductions

 Investigate unique tax provisions and diverse deductions available.

Practical Filing Information

Learn where to file, key filing requirements, and potential penalties.

Form Specifics

Familiarize with important forms like:

  • 1040x (Amended Returns)

  • 8879 (e-file Signature)

  • 8888 (Refund Allocation)

  • 1040-V (Payment Voucher).



45 minutes per session


November 7th - 10th

January 3rd - 5th & 8th


6:00 PM

6:00 PM

1 - 1.5 hours each session


Wadelene Charles

Your Instructor

Wadelene Charles, a Senior Tax Accountant at Strategic Tax Accountants and an IRS Enrolled Agent, holds multiple roles: Wealth Coach, Educator, CFO of JWI Developments, and a 215 Health and Life Insurance license holder.


With over 13 years in finance and a deep passion for financial well-being, she founded Sipping Wealth, a platform promoting financial empowerment. Wadelene's innovative approach has guided many to redefine wealth and master their financial destiny.

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