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LLC, Sole Prop.
& Contractor





- Nov.14th - 17th

- Jan. 9th - 12th


The Course

Tackle the unique challenges and opportunities of tax returns for LLCs, sole proprietors, and contractors. Priced at $1,000, this workshop is meticulously crafted for business owners, independent professionals, and those looking to understand the tax dynamics of single-person business entities.



Schedule C

Delve into the Profit or Loss from Business and its implications for single-owner businesses.

Qualifying Business Deductions

Identify and utilize key deductions that maximize your tax savings.

Income Variations/Forms

Understand the diverse forms of business income and how they are reported.

Filing Requirements & Restrictions

Navigate the specific reporting requirements and limitations for LLCs, sole proprietors, and contractors.

Self-Employment & Payroll Taxes (FICA, FUTA)

 Break down the tax burdens and considerations for those self-employed.

Sale or Exchange of Business Property

Dive deep into the tax implications of business property transactions.

Business Capital Gains and Losses

Grasp the nuances of capital gains/losses within the context of business operations.

Rental Income/Expenses

Navigate the tax intricacies of rental income and associated expenses.

Schedule E

Understand Supplemental Income and Loss, especially relevant for rental property owners.


 Become well-versed with potential penalties and how to mitigate risks.

Schedule 1-3

Familiarize with additional income and adjustments to income, including tax credits and deductions.

Business Asset Depreciation

Master the methods and implications of depreciating business assets for tax purposes.

Business Credits

 Leverage available tax credits to optimize your business tax liability.



45 minutes per session


November 14th - 17th

January 9th - 12th


5:30 PM

6:00 PM

1 - 1.5 hours each session


Wadelene Charles

Your Instructor

Wadelene Charles, a Senior Tax Accountant at Strategic Tax Accountants and an IRS Enrolled Agent, holds multiple roles: Wealth Coach, Educator, CFO of JWI Developments, and a 215 Health and Life Insurance license holder.


With over 13 years in finance and a deep passion for financial well-being, she founded Sipping Wealth, a platform promoting financial empowerment. Wadelene's innovative approach has guided many to redefine wealth and master their financial destiny.

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